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Cellulite Cream

Your thighs and legs are the longest muscles on the body and yet they are also the most problematic areas for women. This all-in-one anti-Cellulite, anti-Fat Cell will flip your insecurities upside down. Our Body Sculpting/ Anti-Cellulite cream consists of a patented Paulinia Cupana extract, a task force fat buster to reduce bumps and skin sagging. Leave Cauliflower for the supermarket shelves you don't need their marks on your skin! Caffeine, Sea Lettuce, and Ginseng will smooth cellulite marks by drastically reducing the thickness of fatty tissue and significantly minimizing skin discoloration by 12% so you can show off what you once kept covered with clothing.

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Max Performance Specialist

The First Anti-Aging Supplement Known to Mankind

STOP ADRENAL FATIGUE – Improve Adrenal function, control stress and depression.

IMMUNE SYSTEM – Increases NK cell activity, makes more MUSCLE – Increases Power, builds better/younger cells.

ENDURANCE & STAMINA - Reduces muscle Soreness, Enhances Recovery, Promotes Better Oxygen efficiency, Improves HORMONES – Adrenal Thymus, Mitochondrial energy, support lung disease, 30% increase in bioenergy.

BLOOD CELLS – Improves Blood Cell Viability & Function. 40% more Oxygen.

LIVER – Improves Liver Functions, helps with Hepatitis and Cirrhosis.

FITNESS – Increases ATP Synthesis, Promotes Faster Energy Recovery, Reduces Fatigue, Improves Physical Function, Provides More Stamina.

SEXUAL FUNCTIONS – Improves Libido and Quality of Life in Men & Women, Fights infertility, Increases Sperm Count, Increases Sperm Survival.


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Sharp Memory

•  Joe could not remember her phone number --- but now her
    memory is at least 25 years younger
•  Margaret was about to loss her job --- but she is back to being
    super productive, as she use to be
•  Daniel was ravaged by depression --- in just one week
    he was able to reverse it

Want to have a certified sharp brain in 30 days or less? Here is the secret of these ultra concentrated extracts that will absolutely amaze you with a transformation right before your eyes.

Research reports that over 50% of individuals approaching the age of 75 to 80 years old has some form of Alzheimer’s Diseases. As we grow older there is a loss of metabolic efficiency and lower level of the natural compounds that are part of the normal and effective brain physiology. Many of these natural compounds are normally available to our brain which helps with the electrical conduction as well as the neural transmission of nerve cell to nerve cell called Synapses. This is also known as “Nerve talk” inside of our brain.

These natural compounds such as Huperzine A & GABA, all contributes to the efficiency of improving our memory, logic, and reasoning. As we get older, we frequently experience more and more often these “Senior Moments” which we cannot remember where we put our keys, why we found ourselves in the bedroom, not remembering what we were looking for, or having an irate spouse who sent us to the grocery store to pick up an item, just to find us back from the store with several items, but not the one your spouse asked you to buy!

According to Fiovaranti M. et al, 2004, Cytidine Diphosphocholine is another natural compound with extensive published literature showing excellent results of significant benefits on short and medium term memory function. The lapses of memory or recall, even names or phone numbers that we have known for many years now momentarily can’t recall, even though we are sure it is still stored in our brain somewhere, but incapable of retrieving it, leaving us often time looking for words, Ah…but can’t find the words.

The ingredients in this formulation are scientifically proven, strong and effective powerful extracts from all over the world. It may work on improving nerve transmission, which may translate in supportive of better memory, better thinking, and clear reasoning.

Huperzine A, GABA, Cytidinediphosphocholine

•  Anti Aging of the brain
•  Memory sharpness
•  Parkinson’s Diseases
•  Improve Neuro receptors
•  Mental capacity and logic * Mood & Anti-Depression
•  Recall Short & Long term word

Packaged in ultra concentrated liquid, the daily dosage is five drops once or twice a day for easy compliance. An individual may need higher dosage initially if in advanced stages of memory loss.

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 Super B12 Specialist

- Liposome Spray

The whole B complex and Individual components of Vitamin B, are most important to maintain healthy human metabolism, such as neutralization of toxic amino acids naturally formed in our body; for example, Homocysteine, which is known for creating destructive metabolism contributing to Cardio vascular diseases. Folic acid and other B vitamins are also very important in the fight against elevated homocysteine.

Another vital function of Vitamin B12 is in the healthy physiology neural transmission and neural pathway. It plays an important role in the regeneration of the perineural sheath, the very site of biochemical exchange and conduction of our nervous system. Unfortunately, there is a gastro intestinal barrier that often limits the absorption of B12 taken in the form of a normal supplement, losing often over 95% of vitamin B12 being excreted without absorption. As our body ages, we see greater deficiency of vitamin B complex, especially vitamin B12 and concurrently, a higher and higher demand of B12 as part of our energy metabolic pathway and rebuilding of neurological tissues.

Super B12 Specialist is specially designed with a new delivery technology using the micronized liposomes of only few hundred nanometers in size. This new technological breakthrough utilizes natural essential phospholipids microsphere where the center hollow vesicle carries the B complex, especially B12 that is allowed to bypass the “gastrointestinal barrier”, increasing the effectiveness of absorption in the sublingual and the bucal mucosa of our mouth. This ultra fast absorption from the oral cavity takes the B complex and B12 directly into the blood vessels that are located anatomically beneath the tongue, the abundant capillaries through out the mouth mucosa. It is a unique and very efficient delivery process without the utilization of injection. This oral liposome is a major improvement in providing a delivery of uniform dosing on a daily basis, without the high and low peaks of B12 and B complex in the human body.

B12 and B complex is well regarded as the best way to achieve high energy and incredibly smooth sense of well being. Enjoy it!

•  Liposome Delivery System
•  Energy and Vitality
•  Homocysteine balance
•  Memory Sharpness
•  Neuro Conduction
•  Support Vascular health

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Weight and Inches

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you continue to eat even though you’re already full? Have you ever searched for comfort at the bottom of a bag of potato chips or at the bottom of an ice cream container? Has your chronic overeating left you feeling overweight, sluggish and depressed? If you long to look in the mirror and see the person you once remember being, look no further than Dr. Tai’s Weight and Inches Specialist. This special formula, which contains only the highest-quality, natural ingredients, is your secret weapon in the battle of the bulge.


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