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Acne Treatment

Whether your a man, woman, child or teen, acne can affect you at any stage of your life.  Sometimes the result of acne can have a lasting impression that will last for a long time.  Based on the type of acne that you are experiencing, we can design a special treatment plan and home care to reduce future breakouts and treat the scars that acne often times leave.  A combination of procedures may be suggested to achieve the final result.

The following procedures can be used to treat acne:

Chemical Peels- Used to treat cystic acne, inflammation, and acne scarring

Microdermabrasion- Used to reduce excessive oils, reduce pore size, and acne scarring

Laser Skin Resurfacing- Used to reduce acne scars

Skin Rejuvenation- Used to improve skin toning, reduce scars, and rejuvenate appearance


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