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Lust Cellulite Reduction

Lipolysis Ultrasonic Treatment   (LUST)

Lust utilizes high-frequency current through heating to reduce inflammation that converts into thermal energy to produce obesity control and body shaping, removing wrinkles, promoting smoother skin and scar revision, scalp health for hair regrowth, and pain relief. 

Controlling Obesity, Cellulite and Body Shaping

Lust helps remove biological wastes through a high-frequency thermal massage that acts deep on a patients subcutaneous fat and increase skin elasticity by regenerating collagen tissues.  On top of that, its lyposis facilitation enables the control of pbesity and body shape.

Removing Wrinkles and Skin Health

The high-frequency thermal massage helps remove biological wastes an increase skin elasticity, but also removes the wrinkles for healthy and beautiful skin.

Enhancing Scalp Health

Deep healing helps promote blood circulation to supply the scalp with lots of oxygen and nutrients, and sprout hairs, preventing them from falling out through stimulation and sterilization of their roots via a thermal effect.

Relieving Pain

An increase in temperature up to 40~43ºC through an application of high-frequency to dermis and hypodermis helps relieve pains by facilitating the fibrous function of collagen tissures, blood circulation, and cellular functions.


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