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 Dr. Adegbile would like to talk to you about a wonderful weight loss program being    offered at the spa. This program is completely physician monitored and you will see great results. Medical Weight Loss Diet Program has helped hundreds not only reach their target weight loss goals, but successfully keep off the weight!

This is a true medical condition and cannot be treated as a "one size fits all" kind of program.

 The Medical Weight Loss Program, thermogenic endorphin (releasing)diet, program addresses several of the common problems of weight loss by supporting the metabolism hormonally while dieting.  The thermogenics are specifically created supplements used to stimulate the body's burning of fat by generating heat, thus increasing the metabolism.

You will be given information necessary to successfully lose your weight.  Besides these detailed instructions there are a few other items you will have to follow for this program:  

Apply two patent pending appetite suppressant creams to the forearm to effectively combat the expected hunger pangs.

  • Each week during your visit you will be given a Lipovite shot with fat burning supplements.
  • Also, during each appointment you will have weigh-ins and a detailed readout that will gauge your progress.
  • You will be introduced to the K-1 Whole Body Vibration Machine to help keep your body toned with the weight you will be losing.


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