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Forms, Reports and Records

Paperwork is an unavoidable part of life. We will be able to complete most of the paperwork you will need. We do charge an appropriate fee for this service, since the time utilized in completing some forms can be extensive. This fee is based upon the complexity of the form; we are happy to provide you with the amount of the fee in advance. Insurance companies will not cover this expense.

Reports to attorneys and other administrative agencies are also labor intensive. Please ask about the fee for this service prior to requesting that a detailed report be prepared on your behalf.

Copies of medical records can be provided when necessary, and we are asked to prepare these for a variety of reasons. Often, obtaining copies of office notes and test results is much less expensive than preparation of formal reports, and accomplish the same goals as detailed medical summaries.

There is no charge for copies of necessary medical records for use by specialists when you are referred by us.



Record Search Fee:
$15.00 initial fee for chart search


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